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Ecstasy, Mollies, Mdma, Xtcs, X, Hugs, Go, Hug Drugs, Hug Drugs, and Love Drugs are all identified.

What does ecstasy mean?

Ecstasy was created initially as a dietary aid, but also for its potential to remove an individual’s inhibitions it became revolutionary in advice.


Ecstasy comes in tablet shape, often with graphic images or company logos. It is usually swallowed as a pill, but may also be crushed and snorkeled, injected or supposedly used.

Ecstasy is popular among teens and young people in the middle classes. It’s located in pubs, nightclubs, and raves that become parties all night.

We supply high-quality chemical testing goods to manufacturers and retailers. The distribution and shipment are 100% safe and comfortable. We are happy to market our goods worldwide in limited and big sizes. For over five years, DMT has been transported and sold globally to help make sure that we remain 100 % secure and supplied directly. We deliver a 10-15% off bulk orders and can differ with your request.

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