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Lysergic acid Diethylamide safety effects

1) LSD alleviates fear and suffering in people with a terminal disease

2) LSD increases communication for feelings, democracy, and advice

3) The impact on alcohol and opioid use is positive for LSD.

4) LSD Cluster Headaches ameliorates

5) LSD Mood Disorder Treatment and Depression Treatment

6) LSD helps human imagination to improve

7) LSD as an autism treatment

8) LSD Has Strong Antifire Results

9) LSD Crime Diversion

Also, the Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann first synthesized the psychedelic (or entheogenic) lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in the Sandoz laboratory (today Novartis) in Basel, Switzerland on 16 November 1938.


By the mid-1960s the backlash against the usage of LSD and its alleged corrosive impact on ideals of the Western middle-class lead against federal measures to restrict the supply of the therapeutic drug by rendering it unlawful to possess it.[21] LSD was classified a medication “Schedule I,” officially specifying that the medicine had a “Strong Potential for Abuse” The US Drug Enforcement Administration reported.

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